2021: First Trail Adventure in Avalon

Woo! The other day was Mahal’s First Trail Day. And I’m so proud of him! After waiting a few weeks for his vaccinations to kick in, I was able to finally treat my puppy-roo to a mini-trail at Avalon Nature Preserve. He was afraid to climb the metallic steps, so I had to carry him. But, other than that,  he was the star of the trail. Many kids and adults alike found him uber cute.

“He’s so adorable!”

“Can I pet your puppy?”

“How old is he?”

He wanted to befriend all the dogs,  he shied away from some humans, and then he chilled on the snow.

A video I made with him while on the trail!

Furthermore, he’ll be six months in a couple of weeks and he’s gotten choosy with his foods. I don’t give him human food, but I do shower him with doggy treats now and then.

When we first adopted him about three month ago, he ate everything on the floor. Now, he wants his dry food mixed in with some wet food, haha!

Do you like trails? Where do you take your dogs? Is Winter over yet?

I hope you’re safe and well! 🙂

A selfie with Mahal.


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