2021: A Stroll through Central Park

The Famous Bethesda Fountain

“I guess you say… What can make me feel this way… my girl! Talkin ‘bout my girl…” a man was singing a capella to that famous tune by the Temptations.

 So, the other Sunday, my mom,  my dog Mahal, and I were inside Central Park. It’s a famous park that’s featured in a lot of movies, especially those rom-coms. The sky was partly cloudy yet the sun occasionally burst through.

It has been over a year or so since I’ve been inside this park.

Folks were having picnics. We met other dog walkers. Runners, couples, and children ran along the grass and paths while music echoed throughout the area.

While we still were in a pandemic and we all had worn masks, I was delighted to be with the crowds – just to be with people!

Additionally Mahal is beginning to warm up to strangers and is beginning to become more accustomed to the outside world.  I’m just grateful to have had a stroll with them in this park, too. 

Have you ventured lately to your own parks? Stay safe.^^

Mahal ready to stroll!
He was the dude singing “My Girl” by the Temptations. It made me happy.^^
Surprisingly not a lot of people ventured toward this view.
What a dumb pup. 😉

All photos were taken with the Olympus Pen F and edited in PicMonkey.


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