2021: Visiting the Nassau County Museum of Art

The side view of the Nassau County Museum of Art.

Long Island – I stood on acres and acres of grass, surrounded by abstract art. A series of metal rectangular shapes were positioned one behind the other almost ready to fall like a domino. Another work of art appeared like a lid from a beer barrel that floated on the pond, where the ducks and swans congregated. And not too far ahead of me stood a mansion, exhibiting even more abstract art inside from women across the globe.

This was the grounds of the Nassau County Museum of Art.

While I do celebrate Women’s History Month and appreciate what they have done over the years (like the suffragists), I was disenchanted with the exhibit. Clay models, paper machete, etc.  I thought it appeared very surreal and very boring.

Or, maybe I just prefer art that depicts a more visual scene. Something like a painting with oil or acrylics or watercolors. Something that’s like a Caravaggio, an Impressionistic, or a Japanese Ink painting. Something like the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Granted, Long Island is far from the famous city. And I guess you can’t expect much for a $15 entrance fee. Still, I felt a bit cheated.

However, at least there were some permanent exhibits that were splendid, like the woman and the piano forte. Also, the walk around the property was serene. The grass was tilled and hardly anyone lingered around in the trees.

“Wanna get a good selfie?”

A woman several feet away looked in my direction. She was one of the volunteer workers, who had volunteered her time since the 1990s.

“Sure,” I said. 

I put my mask back on.

She led me to a tower of glittering tiny mirrors.

“If you take your photo here, you can get a photo of the museum entrance. It’s my favorite spot to show people. It’s often overlooked.”

I lent her my phone. She photographed me and handed back my phone. And there in the dozens of small mirrors, you could see the brick building and the large window panels in the background.

“Wow!” I exclaimed.

Then and there I was also compelled to photograph her. I enjoyed doing the 100 Strangers Project. But, due to the pandemic and all, I felt scared to ask strangers for their photos. To my delight, she agreed. She removed her mask and smiled at the camera.  I was glad to have made a brief connection.

While I may have been unimpressed with the art, I did enjoy my walk in nature and getting to know someone even if it was for a moment.

Do you like museums? Stay cool!.^^

Yep. The return of the selfies. 😉
OMG! I’m lost, haha.
I like the way my hair brushes with the wind. 😉

All shots were taken with the Olympus Pen F.


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