2021: Sunsets at Short Beach

A Self Capture of me entering in to the sunset.

The sun is beginning to set. I like watching the warm colors mesh in together. 

In the distance, a couple of friends are giggling. And there’s a guy who’s snapping photos away on his phone.

My dog Mahal and my mom and I are basking here at Short Beach today since it’s near our home.

Soon some sand blows from all directions. It breaks up the magical experience. Other beachgoers rush to their cars. I feel it on my eye and the sand sticks on Mahal’s nose. I worry about my camera.

“We should go back,” my mom says.

Yet, we linger a bit on a hill with willows. Mahal sniffs around.

I feel a bit of peace. I feel happy to be with family even if it’s for a moment.

While I desperately want to hop on a plane and explore a new land, I’m also grateful to be near family.

Back in September of 2019, I was living in Spain for several months. I wanted to escape the routine of my everyday existence back then. While it was fun and exciting to travel in a whole new country and continent, I also severely missed my family and friends. And it was only through the pandemic that caused me to return home.

Since then, I feel like my life has restarted. It’s back to square one. I’m living in the same house with my parents just like when I was growing up. This time I’m in my thirties. And I don’t have to wake up earlier to catch the bus.  

Heck, I don’t have to travel far. I just do remote work and go outside to just walk Mahal. Otherwise, I’d be confined inside my house.

However, I guess having this base of family and friends is incredibly important and a reminder of what we hold dear. 

The wind continues to blow. Although Mahal, mom, and I are sheltering near a building, we can watch the sunset there safely and together.

How often to venture off to the beach? Do you like traveling solo or with family or friends? Or both? May you find peace. 🙂

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