2021: Traveling in Your Own Backyard

Yep, I’ve gone into landscaping. Give us a call if you need someone to dig in a tree. 😉

The other day, I read a NY Times article on Roff Smith. He both wrote and photographed about his local travels around his hometown in Sussex, England.

Due to the pandemic, he has been confined to one spot.

Yet what’s so inspiring is that even though he couldn’t venture out far, his photos were absolutely breath-taking with the views of the countryside and the seaside during sunrise.

And not only that, he photographed himself as the model – the lone cyclist – and which in turn symbolizes some of us as we yearn to ride and find new adventures.

Nevertheless, I was absolutely inspired and I attempted to photograph myself during the sunset. While I still have to master light and other forms of photography, I’ve come to appreciate the props and places that are readily available – like my dad’s wheelbarrow or my cowboy hat from Ecuador – all in my backyard.

What treasure troves have you discovered at your own place? Please travel safely and stay cool. 🙂

Mahalito actually posed with me, haha. 😉

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