2019: The People of Nippon: Osaka

Back in January 2019, I had the wonderful opportunity to tour Japan for about five days. And it has been one of my favorite travels of all time.

I not only enjoyed the historical sites and the delicious cuisine, but I also enjoyed interacting with the people of Nippon. (Nippon is one of the historical and more popular names for Japan, which means “Land of the Rising Sun.”)

Throughout my whole trip, these folks accommodated me and were very polite. If you needed directions or so, most of them were willing to help out despite the language barrier. I felt safe and even accepted in their company – to the point that some of them mistook me as a full-blooded Japanese and thus spoke to me in their native tongue. (I only have 0.2% ancestry, which is still awesome!)

While Japan has become more technologically advanced, they still have retained their heritage and traditions, like wearing a kimono, having tea ceremonies, or even blessing themselves with water before entering a temple.

When I was younger, I watched a lot of anime and Japanese films. So, it was beautiful and breath-taking to see the real Japan in person.

Thus I want to share these experiences with you and I hope you’ll have the chance to visit Japan (or again if you already did.)^-^

Osaka was the first city that I visited. And without further ado, here were the people that I’ve been blessed to have met:

The Three Miko

These women were Shinto Priestesses or Miko. I found them in an enclosed wooden-booth with window cabinets.  Prior to meeting them, I’ve only seen them portrayed in anime as magical priestesses. So, it was awesome to see them as they really were. 

Nowadays, Miko usually tidy up shrines, attend the shops, and they are sometimes seen participating or aiding a Shinto Priest during a ceremony. 

Despite the language barrier, I gestured with my hand for their photo. These Miko were gracious to have said “yes.”^_^

Senpai noticed me! 😀

…Er, I mean, this is Mr. Morning Security Guard. You won’t believe how many good-looking and courteous security guards there are in the city of Osaka. It’s like you’ve entered some otome game, or Japanese video-game romance, haha. 

Anyway, Senpai (which means “older” classmate or associate) noticed me and I noticed him, but I didn’t have the guts to approach him. He was directing buses and I didn’t want to disturb his duty. (Haha, duty.) 

Finally, when I was about to leave he looked at me and I looked at him. And then I approached him with “shimasen” or “excuse me” in a soft voice. He raised his eyes briefly but smiled and agreed when I asked for his photo. 

But, first, he made me wait until he directed buses. Soon after he was done, I made him stand in this position in this photo to get a bit of depth in it. And he was happy to do so.

“Very handsome,” my tour guide said as we were leaving. 

She saw me do all of that. I couldn’t have agreed more. ;P

Have you traveled to an enchanting place before? What were the people like? I hope you’re well. And May the 4th be with You! 😉 


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