2021: Long Island’s Tulip Festival

The other day, my puppy Mahal and I ventured to the Long Island’s Tulip Festival at the Waterdrinker. Every year, this place grows rows and rows of tulips.

So, purple to pink to yellow and to white tulips surrounded us. It was a rainbow of colors. Also, this festival attracted a diverse group of people, too. Many families both young and old and even college age folks traversed here.

Plus, Mahal got to meet an array of dogs and even animals.

The entrance was $15 and all of us were required to wear masks. However, I was really glad to get out of the house and feel the sunshine. I definitely get cooped up at home when I’m not teaching online nor studying.

Would I venture out here again? Maybe, but I’m hoping that I can travel to where they originate from, which is around Central Asia. 

Overall, the Tulip Festival brought a diversity of people just like its rainbow rows of colors.

What are you favorite types of flowers? I hope you’re well. (:

Mahal smiling to be outside of the house, too!
I had to give some love to the yellow ones. (;
Yep, a selfie of us. It’s proof that I was there, too, haha d:
Tulips can definitely bring about peace.
Mahal knows how to pose.
A professional photo shoot going on. Yep, you know the influencers are swarming about here. 😉
I think old fashion cars are pretty rad.
Ooh, more rows of tulips! The barren side is in the process of growing sunflowers.
Mahal befriending and then running away from a goat.
What a silly pup. He knows how to smile and pose. 😛

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