2021: Memory Lane at Port Jeff

So, the other day I visited Port Jeff (short for Port Jefferson) – or Down Port, as the locals call it. It brought back a lot of memories and it is one of the highlights on Long Island.

It’s about a twenty minute drive from my house or about two hours by train from Manhattan. And the parking is a dollar per two hours.

Port Jeff has been the place where I’ve spent time going on dates, celebrated birthday parties, or just walked on the marina with family and friends or just myself.

It’s the port that houses numerous boats from around the globe. And it’s the port that docks ferries from Connecticut and then sails them back.

This is one of the many ferries that provides transport to Connecticut and back.

Besides the boats, numerous clothing stores, restaurants, cafes, ice cream parlors, bars, and other venues are open to explore. One of the restaurants in particular that I enjoy and is affordable is the Steam Room. It’s half-way outdoors and indoors and dogs are allowed inside. A lot of seafood is available on the menu and my favorite is the clam chowder.

Before the pandemic, Port Jeff hosted the annual Charles Dickens’ Christmas Festival. So both men and women, dressed in Victorian era costumes, congregated in the square and sang Christmas songs. While during the summer time, it was packed with people lining up on the docks just to enjoy the view, or sometimes to look for Pokémon on their smartphones.

Danfords, while pricey, does provide a nice view of the harbor.

Nowadays with the pandemic and the still chilly weather, there have been less crowds.

Yet I prefer it that way. Less is more, as they say. And while traveling abroad may open sometime soon in the future, Port Jeff will still be a place that I will hold dear in my heart.

Is there some place local that you enjoy walking through? Safe travels. (:

This Stony Brook University student asked me if marijuana should be legal in New York (it already is) and if towns who sell it should earn revenue. I said, “Sure. If Amsterdam got’s it, then why not?” Thus if you’re visiting Long Island and you smell an awful lot of marijuana, it wasn’t me. 😛
Kilwins’ Ice Cream. One of the best!
One of the many parking lots. Hopefully, this guy wins the lotto.
A Jewelry Store. Yes, very exciting. (;
I had to close with my puppy Mahal drinking water. It was so nice of the Steam Room to offer him some. (;

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