2021: The Other Cloisters’ Art

A mural of a camel hung up on the dimly lit stone wall. I noticed the shadows and the way that light bounced off the walls or seeped through the windows. And there was an electrical outlet near the bottom of the floor. Impressive!

About a few weeks ago, I visited the famous Cloisters in Manhattan, New York, part of the Metropolitan Museum of art. It’s about a 30-minute drive either through the subway or by car.

The Cloisters is known for housing the famous medieval unicorn tapestry. And so naturally, groups of people congregated there (with their masks on, of course). Additionally, the outdoor courtyard and garden were popular selfies and lounging hangouts.

Maybe the king is debating whether to accept the beggar’s golden bowl or not. Find out next time! (;

So, instead of visiting the usual art, I hunted for the unfamiliar, like the array of candlesticks or the lion-shaped columns that came from Leon, Spain.

All in all, doing this made the trip much more exciting, and I think I’ve become more regardful.

As I was exiting from the place, I noticed the archangel St. Michael above us with his wings out ready to protect and defend us. Incredible! I never noticed him before.

Have you been to the Cloisters? Do you like Medieval Art?

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I don’t think I’ve really noticed these plants before.
A selfie. It’s proof that I was here. (;
The columns of the outdoor garden. I really like columns, haha.

Getting a breath of fresh air in the gardens.
Are these tombs? Oh, goodness, I don’t read, haha.

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