2021: On the Streets of New York

Hello! So, I just went to Eric Kim’s NYC Street Photography MasterWorkshop, which was super fun and helpful. (I’ll post more on that later.) 

After the 1000 plus photo shots that I took, I’ve chosen both a candid shot and a permissive/permitted shot. So, the following are just my (silly) thoughts on them. d: 

The Pikachu Permitted Photo

In this permitted/permissive photo, which features Eric Kim, I like how the window reflects some leading lines, the taxis, and the touristy stuff in NYC.  

Gotta catch’em all. Pokemon.

Plus, I think it’s so fun that the subject is using a lot of hand gestures and is very expressive in this piece! It really captures the moment and a bit of the subject’s personality. This is the ultimate tourist pose, too. Thanks for posing.  d:

A sketch/paint of the important stuff.

Who is lady? Why does she carry two bags? Find out next time.

The Candid Photo

In this candid one, I like the leading lines and the layering in this. 

Plus, I like how there could be a potential story behind this. We don’t know who this woman is in the red dress. Why is she in a hurry? We only see her back, her two handbags, and her sunglasses, which leads me to believe that she could be a spy. She could be part of a sleeper cell.

Also, notice that there’s also a lone police officer there. He could be searching for these spies. But, he could be working alone in his downtime, especially if his coworkers and his boss don’t believe him. 

And right at that moment, they meet. It’s so close. Who is she really anyway? Find out next time. 😉

A sketch/paint of the important stuff.

Alright, so those are some of my favorite shots. I’ll post more of my thoughts on this workshop soon! 

Have you done street photography before? What do you like about NYC?  Where is the nearest bathroom? I hope you’re well. See you next time! 🙂

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5 responses to “2021: On the Streets of New York”

  1. Thanks for sharing the photo and your thoughts Susanna ! You’ve got a really good eye for street photogrpahy.

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    1. Thank you for the compliment and for visiting, Michael!! You’re pretty hardworking and a talented photographer. Keep on photo shooting! 😀


  2. Love the sketches

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    1. Yay! Thank you, Eric Kim. You’re an inspiration! 😀


  3. […] mentioned before, I went to Eric Kim’s Street Photography Master Workshop in NYC. Eric Kim is a well-known photographer who also infuses his own philosophy into his work. (Check […]

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