2021: A Minimalist View of Avalon Park

So, the other day, my mom, my pup Mahal, and I strolled through Avalon Park, which is located in the town of Stony Brook, New York. And that day, I wanted to photograph the place with a minimalist vision.

Purple petals hanging downwards.

Often, we go here because not only is it freely available to the public, but it is also one of the more zen places to stroll. I love its mini waterfalls and narrow, paved paths with the trees towering around.

To experience this serenity, it’s best to arrive early like around 9AM or usually around closing time at 7PM.

Overall, Avalon Park is a place to catch my breath. And it’s a place to reflect, no matter what is going on in life.

Where is your special zen place? I hope you’re cool. (:

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