2021: The Sunflower Festival

The other day, my friends, my pup Mahal, and I ventured to the Sunflower Festival at the WaterDrinker in Manorville, Long Island. (It was also the same place where the Tulip Festival was held.)

It’s happy to see you! (;

This time it was scorching hot. Humidity and I are a bad romance. While sweating in the sun, I was glad that I lathered myself with sunblock.

Here in this festival, rows and rows of sunflowers danced underneath the sky. Plus, it was the spot for selfies and photographing your friends. And for an extra two dollars, you could have a pair of your own sunflowers.

While this field isn’t my favorite place to view sunflowers (due to the crowds and entrance fee), I’m thankful to have shared this experience with my friends and Mahal.

Have you been in a field of sunflowers? Safe journeys. 🙂

Waterdrinker Info:

  • Admission: $15
  • Puppies allowed
  • Open from 9 AM to 5PM Every Day
  • Farm Animal Viewing
  • Mini golf and other outdoor games available 

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