2021: Hiking Through Watkins Glen State Park

So, the other Saturday, I accompanied my sister and her friends to Watkins Glen State Park. It’s a public park situated in the Finger Lakes region of New York.

On that day, the sun shined high in the sky yet the weather was temperate. Crowds of kids, adults, couples, young folks, and all-alike traveled through this park.

The Watkins Glen has a trail embedded both in concrete and stone in line with the natural terrain. It’s where we can witness the beauty of the waterfalls and greenery.

At this park, I like that the trails are wide and well-maintained. Plenty of photo opportunities are abound at every corner. Since it was the summer and the entrance was available to anyone, it also attracted a large gathering of folks. So, I definitely wasn’t a fan of that.

Thus I would recommend this experience only if you’re in the Finger Lakes area and to go during the off seasons (perhaps late fall, winter, and early springs) if you want to avoid the crowds.

Overall, it’s always fun to explore nature with friends.

Are you a nature lover? I hope you’re doing well. (:

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