2021: Craving Some Bubble Waffle Ice Cream

Knowing myself, I always got some sugar craving all around town from midnight to dawn. So, it was no surprise that my friend and I we went to the Bubble Waffle Ice Cream place that just opened up a month ago. It’s in Smithtown, Long Island and owned by two cousins. (Woo! Ladies’-Owned, Family Business for the win!)

What’s Inside

Besides ice cream and waffles, they also have sections for coffee and matcha tea and even some dumplings.

I like the decor, especially in the ice cream parlor. It has pops of pinks and yellows with a black drop of white. And then in the coffee section, greenery hangs on the ceilings, matching with the white walls.

And so with this new venue, it attracted a whole range of folks from kids to adults and teens alike.

The Staff

The staff were pretty friendly. Once we ordered our ice cream, they came out of the counter, looking for us with our ice cream in hand. I felt like I was having fun at a party.

The Ice Cream

While the ice cream melted on my hand, I did like the vegan options, and you could add fruit, sprinkles, and other toppings on it.

Next time I’m going to try the bubble waffle. Hopefully, they got some dough left over. (; 


I had a grand time walking around in the decor and enjoyed the service and the outdoor and indoor dining options. I would definitely recommend going with a friend or otherwise it’s never a bad idea just to go on your own. 😉

Do you like cafes and ice cream? I hope you’re well. (:

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