2021: Update: Flying Off to Austria

Thanks for sticking around, Traveler!

So, right now, I’m traveling through Austria. I should have boarded a plane two days ago – Sunday! And I’m probably feeling some jet lag right about now. (And, God-willing, that I survived the flight, took a trip around this beautiful country, and made my way home safely.)

My sister is getting married this coming Saturday, Sept. 4th. (Her husband is Austrian and the wedding was supposed to have happened last year.) And I’ll be one of the bridesmaids.

So, as you can imagine, we’re excited and yet being super cautious – since we’re still obviously in a pandemic. 

The last time I was on a plane was back in March 2020. I was living in Madrid, Spain, at the time (teaching English), when the pandemic and the quarantine started. And so, I was stuck with my host family for two weeks before flying back to New York.

A selfie taken back in December 2019. I was at the Schloss Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria.

So, I dare say it has been over a year since I’ve ventured inside an airport. And I’m quite eager, as most of us are, to travel. I’ve been vaccinated, thankfully, since the Spring.

Therefore, since I’ll probably be in Austria once this post arrives, I might not be able to update new posts for a couple of weeks. We shall see.

But you can certainly check out these other excellent posts in the meantime!

Are you planning to travel again soon? I hope you’re doing well. 🙂


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