2021: La Guardia Airport Renovation

Hi, folks! So, I’m up and away again or rather I took a holiday weekend (from the 17th to the 20th of September) and traveled to Québec city. (I’ll post more on that lovely city in the upcoming weeks!)

On the way there, I took La Guardia Airport – Terminal B – in New York. And my goodness! They really renovated the place.

New, clean carpets covered the ground and a lot of fancy cafes and restaurants were up and running. Ten years ago or so, they definitely needed a makeover, but right now it’s looking good.

So, while waiting for my flight to Montreal then to Quebec, I took some discreet pictures of the place on my iPhone 12. Have a look. 😉

What’s your favorite airport? I hope you’re doing well! ^_^

I love NY, too ;P

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