2021: Of Armors and Cribs: Schattenburg Castle

So, as I mentioned previously, while traveling with my family (back on Sept. 5th), we visited the medieval town of Feldkirch.

The landmark of Feldkirch is the Schattenburg Castle. This castle had been home to a noble family from the 13th century and then to the Habsburg’s . Eventually, it became a historical landmark, a time capsule, and even a place to play miniature golf now.

Also, Schattenburg Castle stands on a hill. So, you get your leg day.  (;

For the three of us, admission cost about 21 euros, and I had to leave my backpack inside a locker. 

Walking through the castle was a one-way tour. So, you had to turn back where you started. Wooden furniture from beds to tables filled some of the rooms while other rooms housed full-body knights’ armor and hunting rifles.

Plus, don’t forget the chapel, the kitchen, and a small dining hall. Each room led to another room as the light penetrated through the glass windows. Life seemed simple despite their nobility.  

I had no significant expectations when visiting the castle or even Feldkirch. I was just excited to go on another historical adventure. (Yes, unleash the nerd!)

“Have a nice day! Thanks for visiting,” a lady who worked there addressed us as we made our way down the steps.

Below us in the courtyard, a few families dined with the open sky above them – perhaps on the town’s specialty: Wiener Schnitzel. 

While walking outside, the sun shone through as we made our journey back to town. 

Have you been inside a castle before? I hope you’re well! (:

Camera used to take these photos.


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