2021: The Blessing of the Animals

Happy Blessings! Yesterday, my puppy Mahal and many other pets were blessed at St. Patrick’s Church in Smithtown! It’s a tradition in most catholic churches to have pets blessed. It stems from St. Francis Assisi, the patron saint of animals, almost back a thousand years ago. (Faith has it that he loved all creatures and he even may have preached to the birds.)

Mahal waiting to get blessed.

I’m so grateful for this! God has given me Mahal, whom I care for every day. Mahal means “love” in Tagalog and “palace” in Hindi. He just turned a year old on September 27th, and I am totally looking forward to more adventures with him.^^

Fr. Fred who blessed Mahal and many other animals. He walked straight to us. It was a good thing because Mahal was jumping out and about. And Fr. Fred has been doing this for years.

Also, at the blessings, we saw a lot of other dogs and their families. So, it was pretty sweet to see a variety of breeds coming together.

Do you have a precious animal? I hope you’re well. (:

Mahal and I in front of the church. I went to school here when I was a kid! Photo by my mom on her iPhone 12 and edited by moi.

Mahal’s must-have accessories: a harness and a leash.


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