2021: The People of Bregenz, Austria

As posted earlier last month, I visited Austria to attend my sister’s wedding. And while there, I got to meet some strangers along the way, even if it was only for a minute or a moment.

Knowing me, I’m usually a shy introvert. So, I want to thank God and street photography that I can get out there and muster up the courage to talk to the locals.

Overall, my interests and experiences with the people there have been pleasant. Most of them seemed accommodating, and even those who said “no” to being photographed were polite enough to thank me for the effort.

Additionally, although my German was very basic, they were appreciative of using what I knew regardless.

And without further ado, here are some of the folks I met:

The Fiddler on the Streets

On my second to last day, I found this violinist playing to an empty audience on the streets. It was early in the morning.  I enjoyed his merry tune, so I tipped him. 

“Danke,” he said.

The Baker in the Food Truck

My mom had purchased some pastries from this lady. So, I thought it would be nice if I had her photo. She willingly said: “Yes.”

Smoking Cool

While my family and I were walking to a café, this man was sitting in the back of his open truck, smoking his cigarette. I liked his nonchalant attitude. So, I asked him for his photo.

“Me?” He pointed to himself in surprise.


And he enthusiastically complied.

The Lady and Her Doggy Companion


I saw her entering the outdoor market with her doggy. I don’t know what compelled me to photograph her. But I just went for it.

Her eyes matched mine.

“I like to travel, and I like your style,” I told her in German before I asked for her photo.

“Sure,” she replied in English. “You speak German well,”

She told me she enjoyed meeting other people and was curious about the world.

I was a bit nervous about continuing the conversion, but I appreciated that she was sweet and polite in having her photo taken.

The Man with the Elders

He was with a group of wheel-bound elders and was smoking a cigarette.

“Entschuldigung,” I said to him.

Somehow I communicated that I wanted him to be the subject of my photos.

“Me?” he said as he pointed to himself.

“Ja,” I replied.

He handed someone his cigarette. And this is how he posed for the picture. (;

Have you tried the 100 Strangers’ Project? I hope you’re well. (:

Check out my go-to camera.


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