2021: A Day in Bregenz

It’s the morning. You wake up fresh and sound, recovering from a seven-hour flight from New York. You decide to go outside for some fresh air in the current city you’re visiting: Bregenz.

An outdoor market in Bregenz. There is plenty of food to choose from!

Bregenz is on the western side of Austria, and you may have heard of this city. Perhaps it’s not as famous as Vienna and Straßburg, but it has its charm. Besides it’s better to travel to less crowded places.

And so the sun greets you, and the sky just turned a beautiful blue. The humidity is low, and you appreciate it because you were sweating all the while in New York.

The outdoor markets are bursting with life. And you see stalls and trucks with bananas, celery, avocados, and plenty of meat and bread and cheese.

Biking riding seems to be the preferred mode of transportation. (;

After catching breakfast, there is a chance of rain; you’re glad that you brought along your umbrella.

Just in case.

While strolling through this town, you admire the architecture – the triangular-shaped rooftops and the narrow streets. Pink buildings loom ahead.

You haven’t seen any groups of tourists. And the locals surround you. Some walk by in suits while others ride their bikes.

They nod and smile at you. And no one stares at you, no matter how foreign you may look. You carry on with your black backpack and camera strapped around your neck. 

Dudes in suits.

Soon you behold a grand lake. It’s called Lake Constance. In German, it’s called der Bodensee. Ferries sail into the harbor.  Couples, friends, and families stroll through the promenade.

Bregenz after a rainfall.

Then it starts to rain. The sky turns dark. But, it is romantic, like in the film The Painted Veil. People huddle under the restaurants’ umbrellas while others make their way underneath an outdoor stadium.

When the sun appears again, a rainbow shoots out from the sky, and it seems like the perfect moment to get gelato!

Perhaps you’ll visit a museum later or buy inexpensive chocolate at the local grocery. There are so many places and many people you can meet. You have the whole week to decide!

What city have you explore lately? May you be well! ^_^

Check out my street camera of choice.


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