2021: Uptown Québec: Minus the Crowds

Last month, I revisited the city of Québec. And I decided to photograph away from the crowds.

Québec is the oldest, most historical city in Canada. The French founded it in the early 17th century – integrating with the indigenous population, too. 

Can you tell that I like the color blue? (;

The city divides into two sections: a lower and an upper. In the lower end of Québec, you can find homes, restaurants, and convenience stores. And it’s where the locals hang out, who were mostly friendly and accommodating. (I shall cover the locals more in another post.) 

The upper part of Québec is where the government resides. It has retained most of its historical sites, like Le Châtaeu Frontenac, that can date back to the 17th century. Plus, the upper-side is where you’re going to find most of the tourists.

Back in 2011, I visited this city for the first time with my family. So, exploring it again took me down memory lane. I really admire the upper city’s history, architecture, parks, and the food. (;

Have you been to Québec? If so, where did you go? What caught your fancy? I hope you’re well. (:

A Fujifilm x100f was used: Amazon Affiliate Link.


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