2019: Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving (at least in the United States)! (:

The first photo dates back about two years ago when I was living in Madrid, Spain. I told my Italian friend about this holiday and he decided that we should have a feast. So, he and his roommate brought in some baked chickens for all of us and I brought in some wine – which I later passed out from. (That will be for another post.(; )

Enjoying a Madrileño “Thanksgiving.” Self-Photo taken by me.

Also, this second photo takes place in the same year but probably a month later. I celebrated Thanksgiving with my American friends and I gave them chocolate pudding for dessert and I said “no” to the wine.

Celebrating “Thanksgiving” with my American friends. I didn’t drink wine. (; Photo taken by me.

Anyway, this was all a fun time now that I look back on it.

Nowadays, with the pandemic and all, my family and I will just be celebrating outside. We’ve been all vaccinated. (I’ve just gotten my booster shot, too.) But, I’m glad we can celebrate together regardless.

Well, I hope you’re well. Take care! (:


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