2021: Sailing to Lindau

*Note: This was back in September before the major protests, lockdowns, and variants in Europe. We were mainly here for my sister’s wedding. Most of the local population were vaccinated and/or wore masks inside the ferry and buildings. And nearly every sit-down restaurant/bar wanted to see our covid-19 ID card. Overall, it seemed that they were aware of the pandemic but continued to live their lives. (And as of right now, I’ve got my two shots and a booster. Yet I continue to wear a mask inside buildings, transports, and in crowds.)

Blue skies. Dark green waters all around. The sun shines on us. We sunbathe while wrapped up in our sweaters. 

It’s September and nearing the end of summer in this city of Lindau, Germany. It’s the first time I’ve set foot into this county.

My family and I took a ferry that circled Lake Constance or, in German, Bodensee. So, we sailed by Switzerland, Austria, and now we’re in Lindau.

I find it incredible that a lake can connect countries.

We’re only on this island for a few hours. We walk the cobbled streets. Dine on gelato. We’ve even met a local or two.

As I reflect on this, it’s freezing in New York, and I wanna go someplace warm again. So, I imagine that I’m again in this town on a summer day.

Camera used: Fuji x100f. (Amazon Affiliate Link.)


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