A Submarine, Jet, and Spaceship – Oh, my! Touring the Intrepid

*Note: We had to wear masks inside regardless of vaccine status. Plus the majority of visitors wore their masks even outside. 

Ready for take-off. The top deck of the USS Intrepid showcased a load of jets.

A month ago, I had the coolest opportunity to walk inside a submarine that operated between the 1940s to the 1960s. It’s called the USS Growler.

Walking inside the USS Growler’s metal compartments were narrower than walking through the airplane aisles. I used to think that sailing on a cruise ship was compact and isolating, but could you imagine living in a submarine for a month with no fresh air or sky?

I think I’d go crazy.

So this submarine was displayed in conjunction with the Intrepid Museum. The USS Intrepid was a warship used mainly during WWII and the Vietnam War, and it did sustain significant damages. Now it’s retired, floating near the pier between 9th to 11th Ave in Manhattan, New York.

What I like about this museum is that it features a lot of military history. For instance, it houses a space shuttle replica on its second floor, and even on the top deck, there are over a dozen aircraft. It was pretty incredible! 

Additionally, on the main floor, they showcased a section on the Vietnam War, which is still considered controversial today. Overall, the Intrepid was an educational and interactive museum that was spacious and it never felt constricting, except for the submarine, of course. (;

A photo of the original Star Trek crew at a space shuttle launch. The fans advocated that the ship be called “The Enterprise.” (Yep, I think I’m becoming more of a fan as I get older. (;)

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