2021: Petting and Feeding Alpacas and Llamas

*Note: Wearing masks outside during this Airbnb experience was optional.

A photo of me feeding and walking an Alpaca. He was my favorite. (;

I visited Hidden Brook Alpaca Ranch in New Jersey in October through an AirBnB experience. The hosts were a retired couple that sheltered about a dozen alpacas and a couple of llamas. So along with some other Airbnb guests, we got to pet, feed, and even walk these furry creatures.

Originally, Alpacas and llamas come from South America. Each one had his or her own personality. Some enjoyed our presence while others eschewed us or just grazed on hay and stared at us from afar.

These creatures were very gentle and relaxing to be with. Also, the males and females lived in separate quarters unless it was time for mating, which usually happened in the Spring.

These second-generation owners were generous with our questions and were quite knowledgeable about alpaca and llama behavior. And towards the end, they even housed a little shop where you could buy alpaca and llama fur clothing, from scarves to blankets.

All in all, if you love animals, you’ll definitely enjoy this experience. I have to say this had to be one of my favorite Airbnb experiences.

Until next time, peace. (;


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