Review: Súp: Vietnamese Pho & Grill

Several afternoons ago, my mom and I enjoyed dining inside this new Vietnamese Pho & Grill Restaurant called Súp in Stony Brook. It was also my first-time experiencing Vietnamese Food.

Indoor Decor

When you first walk into the restaurant, it feels sophisticated and tranquil. The lights are dimmed, yet the sunlight breaks through the tall glass windows if you dine during the afternoon.

The chairs consist of comfy red and green booths.

On the walls are two framed pictures that change images every few minutes, depicting lush green landscapes to flowers.


You are served right away if you go on a weekday and even late on the weekends. The servers are young but attentive. We quickly were given water and asked if we wanted anything else to drink. And they took our orders immediately. 


We ordered two appetizers: the Traditional Crispy Spring Rolls and the Vermicelli Mountain. And for dessert, we also shared the Coconut Pudding. 

The combination of soy-sesame paste, peanuts, and other veggies really added to the flavor of the Vermicelli Mountain. (We’ll order at least two dishes next time.)

Vermicelli Mountain

The Spring Rolls were definitely crispy. And the pudding wasn’t too sweet, and it brought happy tropical feelings.

Traditional Crispy Spring Rolls
Coconut Pudding

Overall, I would recommend checking out this restaurant if you’re in the area. (They even have a branch in Massapequa!)

The exit/entrance to Sup

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