Visiting a 19th Century Home in New York

On the sixth street in New York, you can find the Merchant’s House Museum, surrounded by modern-day apartments.

When you enter the museum, you walk through a long, red-carpeted narrow hallway. To your left is the entrance to the living room where the Tredwell dined and entertained, and further down is the stairway. 

This house/apartment has five floors. The kitchen was in the basement, while the wealthy Tredwell occupied the first few floors. And the top floor/attic was where the servants lived.

This home was built in the early 19th century, so much of the furniture, walls, and floors remain intact. Additionally, at the entrance, one of the staff members, gave us a massive binder of information on how the Tredwell and servants lived during this time period. 

It was such a stark contrast. For instance, the servants, mainly from Ireland, worked from dawn to dusk and were only free on Sunday afternoons for church. On the other hand, the Tredwells lived leisurely, changing their clothes often and dining on exquisite food like clams, especially when entertaining their guests. 

Additionally, I felt this eerie feeling when I was on the attic floor like there was somebody behind me even though I was the only one upstairs. Perhaps it was all in my head, and I sometimes like to research the paranormal. Who knows? Plus, this museum features ghosts tours. I might do one of them.

Overall, while visiting the Merchant’s House Museum, you’re stepping inside a bygone era in New York.

Selfie. Living the crib life. (;

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