2022: Vlog: My Recent Car Wash

A vlog of my recent car wash

I haven’t gotten a car wash in ages. So you can imagine the confusion and fear going through the process. I think everything has gone electronic due to the pandemic. So I had to use a kiosk to select what I wanted – it now costs $35 for a basic exterior and interior wash. 

And instead of a worker driving my car through the wash, I had to move into it myself. That was terrifying. I kept imagining the car wash scene in The Final Destination horror film. Not a pretty picture. (;

Thankfully I made it through the wash, nice and clean, and I was ready to have the inside hand cleaned by some employees.

Overall, I found this car washing experience pretty fast and efficient. Though I hope I won’t need a car wash again anytime soon.

How often do you get your car washed? I hope you’re well. (:


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