2022: On Board the H.M.S. Protector – A Royal Navy Ice-Patrol Ship

So about two weeks ago, the Royal Navy came to visit our ports for Fleet Week onboard the ship called the H.M.S. Protector. And it was my first time seeing one!

There weren’t too many naval personnel onboard for us plebeians to see, so each one we saw was like a celebrity. I felt intimidated and giddy – I’m always a sucker for a cute man in uniform.  😛

The crew was pretty accommodating and polite. A few came from London while others sailed from Southampton. And some of them have been serving for several years. 

All in all, they were a bit more reserved compared to their American counterparts but they were still charming. And they seemed like a jolly bunch to go swim with, I mean, to chat with. ;P


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