2022: Onboard the USS Bataan

So about two weeks ago, I got to see the U.S. Navy and Marines. Woo! ;P

This was during Fleet Week, where the U.S. Navy usually comes to New York and allows us, visitors, to check out their ships and aircraft.

I was on board the USS Bataan, the U.S. Navy’s finest amphibious assault ship! – at least according to the official site, haha. It was huge inside, and I got my calf workout, climbing to the top deck. I got to see some aircraft, too.

You can watch a video of it here!

All and all, the men and women on board were pretty cool, and some were cute. 😉 Some have served for two years, while others just started a few months ago. Thanks for their service. 😀

Me posing with a sailor. Thank you for your service


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