2022: Hiking Up Bear Mountain

Posing at the top of the mountain. Photo by me. (;

Woo! Hiking up two miles on an incline was incredibly challenging for me! A couple of months ago, my friends and I hiked up Bear Mountain. When you climbed up or instead walked up the stoned steps, you had a fabulous view of the Hudson River and the other mountains.

My friends and I were at the halfway point. Photo by me.

We got there early, about 8 AM, and hiked up with our backpacks. (Note to self: Bring a backpack or no backpack.)  It’s a good thing we came early because very few hikers were on the trail. Once it reached noon, school kids and families started rolling in at the top of the mountain and down at the bottom. 

A video about my experience climbing up Bear Mountain

Overall, while my fitness level is average, I had a grand time, and it was worth the strenuous climb, especially since it has inspired me to keep working out and stay healthy.^^

What mountains have you hiked up recently?^^


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