2022: Huntington’s AMC Dine-In Experience

When you go up the Huntington’s AMC’s Dine-In escalator, you realize how spacious it is inside. It’s almost like walking through an airport. A massive lounge with sofas and a bar/cafe serves drinks, popcorn, and some fast food, like burgers and fries.

This movie theatre must have been relatively new because inside the theatres are reclining black leather chairs and plenty of seated space between moviegoers. It’s like sitting in first class on an airplane. 

The carpeted floors were pretty clean, and they actually served you the food inside the theatre.

I went on a Sunday Night, and it was chill. There were few families and couples and friends hanging about. So it never felt crowded. I’m unsure if I can say the same on Fridays and Saturdays.

All in all, I would go here again. I think I’ve been spoiled by their lounge and leather chairs. (;


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