2022: When Visiting a Buddhist Temple

This Buddhist Temple called Vajiradhammapadip Temple is close to my hometown. I often go here for the Thai Faire. And each time I enter, it always feels magical and tranquil inside.

(FYI: Buddhism also has three main branches. This particular temple is part of the Theravāda Branch.)

So these are some of the things that you can see and do inside a Buddhist Temple: 

Show Reverence

As with any sacred site, showing reverence is vital. Anyone entering the temple must remove his or her shoes. One should be in a bowing pose while entering. Also, ladies, you’ll have to dress conservatively and not accidentally touch the monks.^^

Get A Blessing From A Monk

Adhering to the reverence part, you can ask a monk for a blessing. Although I didn’t know Thai and I’m a Catholic Christian, I asked for a blessing while bowing my head, pressing my hands together, and kneeling in front of him in reverence. He was gracious to offer me a prayer.

Admire the Art

Even for a nonbeliever, the artwork is incredible.

Donate / Offer a Prayer

I’m not entirely sure what to do at their altar. I saw dollar bills hanging from these red sticks. But I continued to kneel down and admire.

Well, that’s my experience so far with visiting a Buddhist Temple. I still have a lot to learn. Have you been inside a Buddhist Temple before?

I hope you’re well. Safe travels.^_^

Vajiradhammapadip Temple (Wat Vajiradhammapadip)
110 Rustic Rd, Centereach, NY 11720



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