2022: Seven Fun Things to Do in P-Town

Welcome to P-Town!

Entering Provincetown, Massachusettes, felt like I was entering a fairy tale book. The narrow streets, shops, rainbow flags, and diverse groups of people made me feel so welcomed and entertained.

P-Town (the nickname for Provincetown) has been around for hundreds of years. (Click here for more history.) And it has been a safe haven for really anyone.

If you’re in Massachusetts or, better yet, near Cape Cod, I would recommend visiting at least for a day. 

Go Vintage Shopping

Vintage in Vogue’s shop sold dresses and clothes from as early as the late 19th century. The early 20th century dresses felt heavy and thick. Overall, it was pretty incredible inside!

Watch a Drag Queen Show

P-Town has been a flourishing LGBTQ+ community since the 1960s. I didn’t get a chance to see a show, but I would imagine how entertaining and colorful it would be!

Visit the Pilgrim Monument

A selfie of me by the tower. (;

For history lovers, this is the place to visit! It currently costs $20. You take a ride up to the top, and you can go inside a narrow tower that was built in all granite. Plus, the accompanying museum gives a detailed history of the people who’ve lived in P-Town, which is all included in the price.

Eat & Drink at Mama Matcha

While any seafood restaurant would be recommended, particularly Bayside Betsy’s, I enjoyed their acai/fruit bowls at Mama Matcha. They have matcha tea, bubble tea, smoothies, and more! They’ve got the best place to soothe your sweet tooth.^^


I loved his colorful outfit, and he spoke in a sweet voice. He was one of the employees at this Weed Shop called Hennep.

Well, I don’t do this, but this option is available. (;

Shop at a Portuguese Bakery

The first Portuguese immigrants arrived in the late 19th century, so P-Town remains hugely influenced by them.

Admire the View

Well, if you want to save money, you always have the option of viewing the vast sea. (:

Well, those are some fun things you can do in P-Town. I might travel there again in the future.

Have you been here? I hope you’re well. (:

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