2022: Celebrating My Pup Mahal’s Second Birthday

Happy Birthday to my pup Mahal!

He’s two years old now, and according to doggie years, he’s an adult. I’ve had him since November 2020. And I hope to cherish him for a decade!

Mahal in Tagalog means “love” and “expensive.” (He can be pretty expensive sometimes, haha.)
In Hindi, it means “palace” or “living quarters.” (And he does take up most of the house, haha.)

When I first got him at North Shore Animal League, I thought he was the cutest pup. So I had to adopt him, but he ignored me when I brought him inside my home, haha.

A custom-made bone treat from The Barkery of Long Island.

However, he warmed up to me as we spent more time together. And we’ve been best buds ever since. (;

I adore his super high energy. He loves to run and play tug of war. While he misbehaves from time to time (like biting my thumb once), I can forgive him.

So cheers to another year with Mahal!


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