2022: Vlog: My ‘Medieval Times’ Escapade

In this vlog, my family and I go to “Medieval Times” in Lyndhurst, New Jersey. Medieval Times is a dinner show for all ages, set in the Medieval Era of Spain. So there is a lot of jousting and sword fighting. Also, it has several other locations in North America.

The whole event was sappy but thrilling. Each section of the stadium had its own knight, and we got the black and white knight from Aragón. We screamed and cheered as the knights jousted and sword fought. We watched as our black and white knight fought and fought knight after knight. I thought he was bound to fall anytime.

Thankful he won the tournament, was crowned by the queen, and we all went home in bliss.^^

Overall, I recommend checking out this event if you like Medieval Stuff and are in the area. (:


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