2023: Visiting New York’s Chinatown in January

Before the Lunar New Year, I wanted to check if Manhattan’s Chinatown had any festivities. Alas, there were none. But I enjoyed the atmosphere, and so this is what you can find:

Bakeries & Cafes

From dim sum to bubble tea, your world here is your oyster – literally, I think they even sell oysters. Also, check out the Nian Gao (the Chinese New Year Cake) and other delights at Fay Da Bakery.

Outdoor Markets

Many vendors were selling fresh coconuts and plenty of veggies outside. Also, vendors were selling handbags and other souvenirs.


I can imagine the lanterns glowing at night. There is even a GoFundMe for Chinatown Lanterns. (For $50, you can get your name and lantern hanging on Bayard Street.^^.)

Other Asian Stores

There were also Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean, Taiwanese, etc., stores nearby.

This is a vlog of my experience in Chinatown.

Overall, New York’s Chinatown is pretty fun. And it brings a lot of nationalities together.

Also, if you’re celebrating with your family and friends this weekend, I wish you a Happy Lunar New Year! Safe Travels. 😀


83 Mott Street
New York, NY 10013
(212) 791-3884


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