2023: Los Ticos: The Costa Ricans that I Met

So I’ve been staying in Costa Rica for two weeks now. So far, I’ve been having a blast! Thus the following are my thoughts on spending time with some Costa Ricans:

Most Costa Ricans, or Ticos (as they are locally called), are known for their warmth and hospitality. For instance, when I go to the local supermarket and ask for something, they go out of their way, whether for water or whatnot, even if they’re the only ones in the store.

Posing with my Tica friend Luna on the rocks at Parque Nacional Marino Ballena

Sometimes, when you ask for directions, they slow down their speech and speak clearly. However, even if they don’t know the correct answer, they will give you an answer.

And sometimes they just share their water or even Arizona Ice Tea with you.

It seems so easy to greet them. Nine out of ten, they will reply with “Hola, Buenas, etc.”

My friend Luna is by the beach. And every day, there are police patrolling the beach a couple of hours before it closes.

Overall, talking with Ticos feels lovely. When you speak their language Spanish, they are generous with their time and will talk to you and even become your friend.

Have you been or are you considering going to Costa Rica? I hope you’re doing well.^^


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