2023: Tulsi: A Vegan Café in the Jungles of Costa Rica

For a couple of weeks now, I’ve been living in the jungle aspect of Mora, Ciudad Colón, Costa Rica.

It’s laid back like the coast, minus all the tourists/foreigners. Mostly the locals (or Ticos) and some immigrants from Honduras, El Salvador, and Venezuela live here. And so far the people are helpful and friendly.

What you can find at the entrance of this café

Inside this part of Ciudad Colón is this small vegan cafe called Tulsi: Café y Plantas. It has been around since August 2021. (Tulsi is a type of basil.) It’s almost like entering a secret garden. Mountain views and greenery surround you. The owner, Kerry, is originally from North Carolina and has lived in Costa Rica for over 30 years.

The menu ranges from coffee to tea to pastries and vegan meals. (I’d recommend the vegan burger!)

You can relax here and just read a book :(:

Overall, it’s a relaxing place to bring family and friends or just yourself for a plant-based meal and/or to relish the scenery.

Dirección: de Mora, Frente Universidad para la Paz, San José, Cd Colón

You can buy any number of these plants and leaves (:

One of the many tables and chairs to sit on. Plus, there’s an outdoor sink.

a vegan hamburger with fries

a vegan carrot cake

Maduro’s (ripe plantains)

One of the waitresses named Natasha. She was lovely and helpful.

This is Alan – the artist behind all the murals here. He was in the middle of painting these birds. He’s been to different gastronomical places worldwide, like México and Perú.


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