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Susanna Bautista

Hello! How’s it going?

Every week I post photos, videos, and blog posts about my globe-trotting adventures, whether it’s glacier hiking in Iceland, greeting playful monkeys in Palawan, living in Spain, meeting people on the streets of Osaka, or just exploring somewhere close to home.

Who knows where life may take me next, but I’m willing to set foot and explore. So, tune in weekly for my travel info. and stories. May it all inspire you to learn and/or get out there! (:

2023: Visiting New York’s Chinatown in January

Before the Lunar New Year, I wanted to check if Manhattan’s Chinatown had any festivities. Alas, there were none. But I enjoyed the atmosphere, and so this is what you can find: Bakeries & Cafes From dim sum to bubble tea, your world here is your oyster – literally, I think they even sell oysters.…

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2023: Neue Galerie’s Bookshop in New York

Do you love the sight of books? It’s always so magical and refreshing to peruse through books, even if you don’t bring one home. And inside the Neue Galerie in Manhattan, New York, you’re free to do so! Down the left hallway, as you enter the museum, you’ll find a small corner of a bookstore.…

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2023: A Cloudy Day in a New York Suburbia

I adore cloudy weather! Sure cloudy weather can just be damp and soggy, but despite it all, there is something romantic about a gray sky while being surrounded by mist. It almost comes out of a storybook.  Outside the famous City of New York, you’ll find plenty of farms, forests, mountains, suburbs, and many roadways.…

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2022: Vlog: Exploring Washington Square Park, NYC

In this vlog, I explore a public area known as Washington Square Park in New York City. Music, art, and pretty much anything else can happen here! I found it fun to just walk through. Have you been there? I hope you’re well. (: Address: Washington Square, New York, NY 10012

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