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Hello! How’s it going?

Every week I post photos, videos, and blog posts about my globe-trotting adventures, whether it’s glacier hiking in Iceland, greeting playful monkeys in Palawan, living in Spain, meeting people on the streets of Osaka, or just exploring somewhere close to home.

Who knows where life may take me next, but I’m willing to set foot and explore. So, tune in weekly for my travel info. and stories. May it all inspire you to learn and/or get out there! (:

2022: Celebrating My Pup Mahal’s Second Birthday

Happy Birthday to my pup Mahal! He’s two years old now, and according to doggie years, he’s an adult. I’ve had him since November 2020. And I hope to cherish him for a decade! When I first got him at North Shore Animal League, I thought he was the cutest pup. So I had to…

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2022: Visiting Island Alpaca on Martha’s Vineyard

I adore alpacas! So last month, my family and I visited an alpaca farm called Island Alpaca on Martha’s Vineyard. This farm has been around since 2004 and has about 19 acres of land. Some Fun Alpaca Info Admire and Pet the Alpacas While you can’t go inside their pens and feed them, you’re free…

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2022: Seven Fun Things to Do in P-Town

Welcome to P-Town! Entering Provincetown, Massachusettes, felt like I was entering a fairy tale book. The narrow streets, shops, rainbow flags, and diverse groups of people made me feel so welcomed and entertained. P-Town (the nickname for Provincetown) has been around for hundreds of years. (Click here for more history.) And it has been a…

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2022: When Visiting a Buddhist Temple

This Buddhist Temple called Vajiradhammapadip Temple is close to my hometown. I often go here for the Thai Faire. And each time I enter, it always feels magical and tranquil inside. (FYI: Buddhism also has three main branches. This particular temple is part of the Theravāda Branch.) So these are some of the things that you…

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2022: Things to See & Do at a Thai Faire

I hope it’s safe to say that I adore Thai Culture. (: So a couple of weeks ago, I went to a local Thai Faire hosted by a Buddhist community near my hometown. And these were some of the things that I saw and did there:  Dine, Drink, and Be Merry! Pad Thai, Pad See…

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