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2021: Update: Happy October!

Happy October! I hope you’re doing well. (: October is my birthday month – it’s on the 17th! (Also, yesterday, I celebrated my four years with wordpress.com - woo!) And this month is when the fall festivities shall be kicking in – from pumpkin picking to admiring the autumn foliage. Additionally, I’ll be uploading more… Continue reading 2021: Update: Happy October!

Long Island

2021: Craving Some Bubble Waffle Ice Cream

Knowing myself, I always got some sugar craving all around town from midnight to dawn. So, it was no surprise that my friend and I we went to the Bubble Waffle Ice Cream place that just opened up a month ago. It's in Smithtown, Long Island and owned by two cousins. (Woo! Ladies'-Owned, Family Business… Continue reading 2021: Craving Some Bubble Waffle Ice Cream

Long Island

2021: A Minimalist View of Avalon Park

So, the other day, my mom, my pup Mahal, and I strolled through Avalon Park, which is located in the town of Stony Brook, New York. And that day, I wanted to photograph the place with a minimalist vision. Purple petals hanging downwards. Often, we go here because not only is it freely available to… Continue reading 2021: A Minimalist View of Avalon Park

Long Island

2021: Long Island’s Tulip Festival

The other day, my puppy Mahal and I ventured to the Long Island's Tulip Festival at the Waterdrinker. Every year, this place grows rows and rows of tulips. So, purple to pink to yellow and to white tulips surrounded us. It was a rainbow of colors. Also, this festival attracted a diverse group of people,… Continue reading 2021: Long Island’s Tulip Festival