New York

Visiting a 19th Century Home in New York

On the sixth street in New York, you can find the Merchant's House Museum, surrounded by modern-day apartments. When you enter the museum, you walk through a long, red-carpeted narrow hallway. To your left is the entrance to the living room where the Tredwell dined and entertained, and further down is the stairway.  The richThe subservient… Continue reading Visiting a 19th Century Home in New York

Long Island

2019: Old Bethpage Village Restoration

While here, there was also a Civil War Re-enactment going on. This was when the United States was at war with itself from 1861 to 1865. Many lives were lost from both the Northern and Southern States of America. This is a Union Soldier (actor) from the Northern States who was probably awaiting orders and… Continue reading 2019: Old Bethpage Village Restoration