2021: Sailing to Lindau

*Note: This was back in September before the major protests, lockdowns, and variants in Europe. We were mainly here for my sister's wedding. Most of the local population were vaccinated and/or wore masks inside the ferry and buildings. And nearly every sit-down restaurant/bar wanted to see our covid-19 ID card. Overall, it seemed that they were… Continue reading 2021: Sailing to Lindau


2021: Uptown Québec: Minus the Crowds

Last month, I revisited the city of Québec. And I decided to photograph away from the crowds. Québec is the oldest, most historical city in Canada. The French founded it in the early 17th century – integrating with the indigenous population, too.  Can you tell that I like the color blue? (; The city divides… Continue reading 2021: Uptown Québec: Minus the Crowds


2020: Road Trip to Granada: Day 3: Alhambra

Inside the Garden of Eden. Er, I mean, the Generalife. About a month ago, I booked tickets in advanced to enter Alhambra, which is known as the Red Castle in Arabic. I’m just mesmerized about the amount of detailed put in these archways. This is an example of Magnificent Islamic Architecture and this was constructed… Continue reading 2020: Road Trip to Granada: Day 3: Alhambra

New York

2020: The Hospital on Ellis Island

My heart pounded. I kept looking back behind me. It was just the narrow hallway. Light only emanated from the broken, square glass windows and doorways. The wooden floors were shattered. It was no longer the fine wood that held patients and doctors and nurses on their feet. After all, this hospital had been abandoned… Continue reading 2020: The Hospital on Ellis Island