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Happy Valentine’s Day! + Vlog: Cheesiest Rom-Coms

https://vimeo.com/676493470 Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you're having a wonderful day and spending it with someone you care about. (: So in the semi-silent vlog, I'll just be showing you how I walk my dog on the beach while listing my favorite cheesiest romantic comedies. Do you have a favorite rom-com? Take care and safe… Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day! + Vlog: Cheesiest Rom-Coms

Long Island · Self-Portrait

2021: Autumn Storm Chasing on the Beach

A self-portrait of Mahal and I posing on the beach before the storm kicked in. The other day, my mom, our puppy Mahal, and I went to the local beach. The clouds darkened the sky with each passing moment. It was both terrifying yet celestial.  Mahal (by his choice) and I sprinted across the sand… Continue reading 2021: Autumn Storm Chasing on the Beach

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2021: Update: Happy October!

Happy October! I hope you’re doing well. (: October is my birthday month – it’s on the 17th! (Also, yesterday, I celebrated my four years with wordpress.com - woo!) And this month is when the fall festivities shall be kicking in – from pumpkin picking to admiring the autumn foliage. Additionally, I’ll be uploading more… Continue reading 2021: Update: Happy October!