New York

A Retro Cab and Night Life in the City

Happy May! I hope you're doing well in life. Sorry I've been off a bit. I've been soul-searching, praying, and researching what I should do next. Anyway, last Saturday evening, my mom, her friend, and I hung out in the downtown area, overlooking the east river / FDR and Brooklyn. It was a magical night.… Continue reading A Retro Cab and Night Life in the City


2021: Update: Flying Off to Austria

Thanks for sticking around, Traveler! So, right now, I’m traveling through Austria. I should have boarded a plane two days ago – Sunday! And I’m probably feeling some jet lag right about now. (And, God-willing, that I survived the flight, took a trip around this beautiful country, and made my way home safely.) My sister is… Continue reading 2021: Update: Flying Off to Austria


2021: Another Site/Blog Update

Hello, Traveler! Thanks for stopping by! So, as you may or may not have noticed, I’ve changed the site to Susanna Tours. It will still feature my traveling and sometimes foodie adventures. A tour is after all a pleasurable journey through places.  Anyway, thanks for sticking by! Posts will be coming in soon! Be safe… Continue reading 2021: Another Site/Blog Update

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Please Don’t Take My Tree-Tops Away

A tree-top next to the Prado Entrance in Madrid I always loved trees. They’re all around us. They give us oxygen and shade. And they’re fun to climb. Back in the summer of 2015, I remember that the evening had settled in and my then boyfriend named Shawn and myself at the time were in… Continue reading Please Don’t Take My Tree-Tops Away