2022: Celebrating My Pup Mahal’s Second Birthday

Happy Birthday to my pup Mahal! He's two years old now, and according to doggie years, he's an adult. I've had him since November 2020. And I hope to cherish him for a decade! Mahal in Tagalog means "love" and "expensive." (He can be pretty expensive sometimes, haha.) In Hindi, it means "palace" or "living … Continue reading 2022: Celebrating My Pup Mahal’s Second Birthday


E – is for Eye

In conjunction with the 100 Strangers Project, I'm also doing the Alphabet Photo Challenge, which involves finding things or even animals that begin with a certain letter of the alphabet. Here is the eye of my doggie Cookie! He is so obedient with me making photos of him. It makes me think he secretly is … Continue reading E – is for Eye