Foodie · Hawaii

Film: A Foodie Adventure in O’ahu, Hawaii A couple of weeks ago, I sampled some dishes in O’ahu, Hawaii. The great weather and food made the experience feel like paradise. So in this video, I share some of the Hawaiian delights. What’s your favorite dish? (Also, masks were required both indoors and when social distancing wasn’t possible.)  I hope you’re well.… Continue reading Film: A Foodie Adventure in O’ahu, Hawaii


Exploring NorCal: Sacramento & Yosemite

About a week ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to explore NorCal and visit family. The following are just my thoughts and experiences while visiting these places just for the day: Oakland Oakland sort of had that SoCal vibe with its towering palm trees, beach-like fronts, and bright skies. My brother and I stumbled upon… Continue reading Exploring NorCal: Sacramento & Yosemite