2023: A Cloudy Day in a New York Suburbia

I adore cloudy weather! Sure cloudy weather can just be damp and soggy, but despite it all, there is something romantic about a gray sky while being surrounded by mist. It almost comes out of a storybook.  Outside the famous City of New York, you’ll find plenty of farms, forests, mountains, suburbs, and many roadways. … Continue reading 2023: A Cloudy Day in a New York Suburbia


2022: Misty Weather at Avalon Nature Preserve

I frequent Avalon Nature Preserve in Stony Brook, New York, almost weekly. It’s open year-long, six days a week. This preserve has endless trails showcasing the latest shrubs, trees, ducks, swans, and occasional deer.  It’s a fantastic place to bring the kids or even a furry puppy friend. And the volunteers and regular visitors there … Continue reading 2022: Misty Weather at Avalon Nature Preserve

The Serene Byōdō-in Temple

https://vimeo.com/674852822 Aloha! So in this video, I capture the calmness of the Byodo-in Temple in O’ahu, Hawaii.  (Note: Everyone was required to wear masks despite vaccination status.) Despite the tourists, it was a very soothing atmosphere. I definitely recommend this visit if you’re in the area.  What are your favorite places in Hawaii? Enjoy! Thanks … Continue reading The Serene Byōdō-in Temple