2022: When Visiting a Buddhist Temple

This Buddhist Temple called Vajiradhammapadip Temple is close to my hometown. I often go here for the Thai Faire. And each time I enter, it always feels magical and tranquil inside. (FYI: Buddhism also has three main branches. This particular temple is part of the Theravāda Branch.) So these are some of the things that you … Continue reading 2022: When Visiting a Buddhist Temple

2022: Huntington’s AMC Dine-In Experience

When you go up the Huntington’s AMC’s Dine-In escalator, you realize how spacious it is inside. It’s almost like walking through an airport. A massive lounge with sofas and a bar/cafe serves drinks, popcorn, and some fast food, like burgers and fries. This movie theatre must have been relatively new because inside the theatres are … Continue reading 2022: Huntington’s AMC Dine-In Experience