2022: Hiking Up Bear Mountain

Posing at the top of the mountain. Photo by me. (; Woo! Hiking up two miles on an incline was incredibly challenging for me! A couple of months ago, my friends and I hiked up Bear Mountain. When you climbed up or instead walked up the stoned steps, you had a fabulous view of the … Continue reading 2022: Hiking Up Bear Mountain


2022: Admiring the Apartments on Park Avenue

Often when I’m in Manhattan, New York, I pass by the apartments on Park Avenue. Some are new, while others have been standing since the early 19th century. It’s fantastic to look at the history. Park Avenue was called Fourth Avenue, which housed the Harlem Railroad, active in the 19th century, and provided numerous rail … Continue reading 2022: Admiring the Apartments on Park Avenue

2021: Just Chillin’ in the Gardens ;)

Last week, I visited Old Westbury Gardens and enjoyed the sunshine and the greenery. Also, I’ll be posting a tour I attended called “Secrets of the Service Wing.” So, be on the lookout for that. These are self-portraits. I'm just enjoying the greenery and sunshine. (: I hope you’re well. Take care. (: My self-portrait … Continue reading 2021: Just Chillin’ in the Gardens 😉